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Southside reopening FAQs

If you have questions relating to the reopening of Southside, you should find most of the answers here. Please check our social media channels for any daily updated advice.


What will the Centre trading hours be?

The centre trading hours will remain as they were before lockdown, however, please plan your visit before leaving your home. All of your favourite stores have new guidelines, such as revised opening times and the use of apps to place an order, please get to know them before visiting.


Will there be a limit to how long I can spend in the centre?

No limits will be applied to the amount of time you are able to spend in the centre. 


What cleaning practices are in place at Southside?

The Centre is cleaned with a hospital grade cleaning system and will continues to receive daily deep cleans to maintain the high levels of cleanliness.


How will you ensure customers' safety?

The health and safety of guests and staff is Southside’s highest priority. As such, the following measures have been introduced, to ensure we can welcome guests to Southside in the safest possible way:  

  • Hand sanitiser points will be located throughout the centre
  • A one-way system will be in place to ensure social distancing can be maintained and capacity will be limited.
  • Please enter and exit the centre using the correct doors
  • Signs and floor stickers will help remind guests to keep a safe distance apart. 
  • You can read more about what we are doing here.


Will you be temperature checking shoppers and staff?

We are following government guidelines, which means we won’t be carrying out temperature checks on entry for the time being. If this changes, we will let you know. Social responsibility dictates that no one with a temperature should be visiting the centre. We ask everybody to observe this firmly.


Why is there a one-way system in place?

A one-way system makes it easier for everyone to follow social distancing guidelines. Signs are in place to make it clear where one-way systems are being implemented. 


Is cash being accepted at stores or will it be card payment only? 

Please check with our individual retailers, however, we expect many shops to accept card payment only and you should be prepared to pay by card.  


Do we need to park 2 metres apart in the car park?

Guests do not need to park any differently. However, we ask customers to maintain a safe distance when entering and leaving their vehicle. 


How do I get to the centre – has this changed? 

Please refer to local traffic updates for any public transport route changes. Please consider if your journey is necessary. For public transport travel updates, check

Southside is open to all guests; however, access will be restricted if capacity is reached. If this happens updates will be posted on social media.


Do I have to queue for each store?

Due to restrictions in capacity within the stores, queueing to enter a number of stores will be in operation. 


Are all the customer toilets open? 

Yes, our toilets are all open and located on the first floor.


Is all the baby feeding and changing facilities be open? 

Yes, our facilities are all open and located on the first floor.


Is the Kids Space open?

No, our Kids Space is currently closed


Will there be any changes to the lifts?

Lift access will be subject to social distancing guidelines. Only members of the same household are to use the lift at any one time.


Is the Management Office open? 

Our Management office will be open as follows; weekdays 9am – 5pm, weekends closed.


I am in a vulnerable / at-risk group – do I get priority access?

Our staff will be able to assist any visitors who identify themselves or notify us in advance. Social distancing champions will be located near the centre’s entrances.


I can't stand for long periods – what support is available to me in the centre and in the queue?

Selective seating will be available throughout the centre, and all seating will be subject to social distancing guidelines. Shopmobility is available for free and can be accessed from the centre security office on the first floor next to the customer toilets.

For more information, call Southside on 020 8877 3088


See our Covid-19 Compliance Certificate


Watch our welcome video before your visit