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Dishes to try this spring at Southside

Spring into the new season with these fresh new dishes and tasty menu upgrades to try now

A new take on noodles at Wagamama


Last year, Wagamama challenged four of their best chefs to come up with an exciting new dish - enter, the kakushin udon.

This vegan udon dish combines subtle spiciness with refreshing flavours of miso cucumber to create a fresh spring dish that also packs a serious punch. This incredible new dish is only available in four restuarants, and luckily ours is one of them!

Wagamama spring menu

Authentic Neopolitan flavours at Rossopomodoro 


With traditional dishes such as vine-tomato topped bruschetta, caprese salads, creamy buffalo mozzarella and (of course) artisan pizzas, Rossopomodoro brings a touch of Southern Italian sunshine to Wandsworth.

Treat yourself to an Aperol Spritz too and get those spring/summer vibes going.

Rossopomodoro spring menu items

A tropical BBQ at Nando's


Would you like to be instantly transported to a sunny beach in the Caribbean?

Nando's new Limited Edition Passionfruit and Mango sauce is sweet and sticky, but still with a delightful fruity kick. Try it on your usual or with something new - you'll be relaxing by the waves in no time.

Nando's spring menu

Bowls of goodness at Planet Organic


It's the time of year when you're finally ready to put down the cheese and carbs and fuel your body with a bit of goodness.

If a few limp green leaves sounds a bit boring, don't panic, Planet Organic have loads of delicious options to get you excited about eating healthily again. We love the Hero Boxes, stuffed full of fresh veg, tasty sauces and flavourful pulses and grains.

Planet Organic spring menu

Crunchy salads at Ekachai


Pop down to Ekachai for sensational South Eastern flavours this spring and pick from noodles, curries and soups.

The salads are a fresh new season favourite, choose from shredded crispy duck with cucumber, spring onions and hoisin dressing or opt for prawns with mango slices and a spicy sour dressing - delicious!

Ekachai spring menu

Seasonal veg at Waitrose


If you prefer to get creative in the kitchen yourself, pick up some fresh seasonal veg at Waitrose.

Beetroot, cabbages, leeks, artichokes, carrots, kale and new potatoes are all coming into season in the UK and are ready for your culinary expertise.

Seasonal veg at Waitrose