Film Review - Despicable Me 3

At Southside we are bananas for Gru, the girls and (of course) the minions! That’s why we couldn’t wait for the latest Despicable Me 3 – complete with a great ‘80s soundtrack from the latest villain.


From bad to good, we’ve seen Gru struggle in this film especially once he learns about his twin brother Dru and his family history of villainy. His latest career, in the Anti-Villain League, takes a tumble after failing to capture Balthazar Bratt – a former ‘80s child star living out his character. This results in both his firing and that of his wife, Lucy. The minions think this is Gru’s return to villainy and turn against him once he makes it clear it isn’t.

Our two favourite moments in the film include Agnes and unicorns, and the minions. Our first has to be the journey we’re taken on to find a *real* fluffy unicorn! After hearing a story about unicorns in Dru’s town pub, Margo and Agnes go on the search for a real unicorn that will only appear to the ‘true of heart’. With a camera and plenty of unicorn bait (sweet – duh!) it was only a matter of time before the girls found… a one horned… goat! The most heart-warming part was when Gru had to explain that the animal was a goat rather than a unicorn, to which Agnes replied it’s only a goat if you see it as a goat (and it’s still fluffy!!).

What happened to the minions? They feature less and yet have a huge impact. Once the minions leave Gru (all but two), they soon get into their own kind of trouble – chasing down pizza through Hollywood, conducting an amazing audition for America’s Got Talent (or similar show) and finally being arrested. With the whole minion gang in jail, where they seem completely at home, their mischievous side becomes apparent to everyone including the other inmates! That is, until they start seeing visions of Gru in their mashed potatoes. They plan their escape and are soon back with Gru to fight Bratt’s bubblegum terror.

Although not a long movie, we can guarantee a lot of laughs from adults and kids alike (and maybe a few good tunes in your head). So get your dancing shoes on as we get into the groove and watch these smooth criminals dance fight!