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Film Review - Jumanji

Unlike most ‘remakes’ of past amazing movies, this one not only modernises the original but continues the story somewhat while making a nod to the past. It might even be good enough to give Star Wars a run for its money…

*Warning: Spoilers may lie ahead*

The film starts almost exactly as the last one ends - with the Jumanji board game emerging from the sand. In this case, the game is taken home and tossed aside in favour of a video game. Jumanji therefore morphs into a video game in order to become relevant and appeal to the youngster who inevitably gets sucked into the game. Fast-foreward 20 years, and the game is rediscovered by a group of 4 quite different teenagers - who also get sucked into the game.

The symmetry with the first movie is apparent from the getting sucked into the game, not being able to leave until it's completed, and even little nods such as "Alan Parish was here". However, there are significant differences that go beyond simply the game changing. For one, all the characters are sucked into the game rather than the game spilling into our world. This also means that the people inside are characters and therefore don't age while inside the game.

It has to be said that the cast are hilarious throughout the movie. Whether it was playing on the stereotypes of the 'jock', 'nerd' or 'cheerleader' types or simple jokes, the movie was non-stop. We loved how the Rock became a complete nerd or how Jack Black has an inner cheerleader! 

We don't want to spoil too much so we'll just let you watch it for yourself - especially good if you want to have a restbite from the rain, cold and winter blues! We'd also recommend seeing it in 4DX or Superscreen for that extra bit of excitement!!