Film review - Spider Man: Homecoming

We’re huge fans of the Marvel series but on this one, we have to admit we’re a little torn! On the one hand, we’re a strong believer in the Spiderman origin story of him being bitten by a spider that gives him plenty of abilities including the innate ability to shoot webs. The film does reference being bitten but items like the the web, is essentially a science experiment that is used through his suit. However, the movie in itself was well done with great humour and the subtle references to the rest of the Marvel world that they are fantastic at.


Spiderman made his first appearance in the current series with a cameo in the Avenger’s series - Civil War. It is therefore quite fitting that his first solo film should be that of Homecoming as a result and to be fair, that is a great summary of what the film is about.

Not only is Spiderman trying to figure out his role as a superhero but also as a person. He has a new suit and is being mentored by Tony Stark - in a Stark, hands off kind of way! Therefore, with a yearning to do good, Spiderman is trying to help the local community. That is until he stumbles onto the use of aliens technology weaponry…

With no help from Stark, Spiderman tries to handle the situation on his own. However, his efforts only appear to cause more problems as the Vulture vows to kill him. At the same time, Spiderman is in high school with the normal problems faced by everyone - especially his interest in a popular girl. In trying to balance both interests, Spiderman completely fails - not only nearly getting himself killed but also putting his friends in danger on school trip.

Everything comes to a head when Stark eventually takes the latest suit from Spiderman, claiming that he wanted more and that he is a danger to others. This refocuses Spiderman on school and their homecoming dance - even asking out the girl he likes. As you may have guessed, upon picking her up from her house before the dance, he comes face to face with Vulture - his date’s dad!

Spiderman has a heart to heart with his current nemesis but cannot simply allow him to continuing to create these weapons. On his quest to defeat him, he must remember that he is “more than just a suit” - especially because he now has to go on this journey with his original suit (rather than the Stark suit). This results in quite the battle between the two with Spiderman as the natural winner - even saving Vulture’s life.

All appears good for Spiderman going into the future with Stark welcoming him as an Avenger (albeit that was misread as a test by Spiderman!). Back at school there are some changes but ultimately things appear ok - that is until he is discovered at home to be Spiderman!!

Look out for Karen because she is one of our favourites in the film! Great humour created because of her comments.