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ID Kids - Bestsellers

ID Kids have some bestsellers that you need to know about. Head in-store and ask the friendly team to give you a little tour around some of the bests.

Sunshine T-Shirts:

These t-shirts will shine some magic in your childrens life. These shirts will change colour when they are worn in the sun and will also show a different pattern. Why not take one for a spin and watch the magic come to life, what type of pattern will appear? 


These Globbers will blow your mind. There are 4 ways for children to ride one and it accomodates their age from when they are 15 months to older. Why not head in-store to find out more details and how to get your hands on one!

Summer Dresses:

These dresses are special. Not just because they look nice but because they can be used reversible. Let your child go to a party and then they won't be seen the same when they reverse their dress. 

These beautiful spring colours will bring out the joyous smile in the Spring sunshine.

Rocking Horse

This horse will be every kids dream. Let them ride away into the sunset (or their bedroom) with this beautiful horse which is at the top of ID Kids Bestseller. Head in-store to find your perfect rocking horse for your child.