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Southside Review: Planet Organic's Charcoal Drinks

Charcoal is definitely the new craze - but what does it actually taste like? We've had a go so you can find out!!

Why drink charcoal - why is this even a 'thing'??

Charcoal has been found to absorb toxins within the body and so is commonly used as a detox aid. For the same reasons it is also frequently used as a digestive aid to relive gas and bloating.

It's therefore the latest thing in healthy lifestyles. Of course, like everything - too much of a good thing is bad - so it has to be done in moderation. 


It's the middle of winter now and have been literally hiding from people on the trains and buses who have been coughing and sneezing! So in order to give ourselves an immunity boost and a good helping of charcoal we decided to head for the juice.

So the first thing is that it's obvious green rather than the black we were anticipating. Combining cucumber, lemon, manuka honey and charcoal it takes on the cucumber colour and is simply darkened by the charcoal.

SO! The big question - the taste. We couldn't actually taste any of the charcoal (and we tried believe us!). The cucumber and lemon seem to be the strongest tastes and therefore overpower the rest. Personally, we would've enjoyed another dash of the honey as the juice is quite bitter (plus an ice cube just to drop the temperature of the juice). 

In general then, we think it's a must-try especially if you like a more bitter juice. As for the health benefits - we'll wait and see... In any case, it is a delicious drink and so the health benefits are an added bonus.


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*Note: Planet Organic recommend being careful and speak to your doctor about taking charcoal at the same time as prescription drugs as the charcoal can interfere with these.*