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Southside's Virtual Kids Club: Dough you want to make a Gingerbread?

Feeling hungry Kids Club families? Lillie is here with her helper Luca this week! They have been busy decorating tasty gingerbread characters. Mmm.. totally dough-licious..


So roll up those sleeves, grab your rolling pin, it's time to get creative in the kitchen! Watch the video below to see what Lillie and Luca have been making. Also in the video Lillie and Luca sing a song about a cheeky gingerbread man who hops out of the oven and runs away once he's been cooked! Let's hope your gingerbreads don't make a run for it! That would really take the biscuit! 

Glorious Gingerbreads!

Tickle your taste buds and watch the video!

Watch the video above to find out how to create your very own tasty gingerbread with Lillie and Luca. Can you keep up with their fun song? It's sure to bake you smile!

What you will need: 

  • A Gingerbread man
  • Fondant icing in a range of colours
  • Rolling pin
  • Knife (doesn't need to be sharp!)
What You Will Need

1. Firstly you need to decide what sort of gingerbread character you're going to create! A scrumptious superhero? A perfect Princess? A delicious dinosaur? The choice is yours! 


2. Roll the icing into small balls and then flatten it out with your rolling pin. Cover the body of the gingerbread by rolling out your piece of fondant and laying it on top of your biscuit. Use your knife (and make sure an adult supervises!) to trim off any excess icing, then press the icing into place. 

Roll out the icing

3. Time to add some features! Now depending on your design it's up to you what to do here. Need to make some eyes and a mouth? Tear off tiny strips of the fondant icing and use your fingers curve it into shape delicately. 

Making a Hulk like this one? Use the end of your knife to give him some cool frayed shorts and some astonishing abs too. Pretty cool!

Add some features

And that's it! Ta da! You have completed your own tasty gingerbread character! We hope you managed to finish decorating it before you bit off its head! Nom nom nom...


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If you've decorated your own gingerbreads, we'd love to see a picture of your creations! Please share your pictures with us on our social media pages @SouthsideSW18

Sadly we knead to go now, enjoy your sweet treats Kids Club families!