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Southside's Virtual Kids Club: Lets make a Pirate Ship

Aye Aye Captain: Lilly and Winceyy are here to help you make a Pirate Ship!

Hi everyone! 

It's Lilly and Winceyy here with another fun, quick and easy craft video for you to do with your little one at home!

This week's craft is inspired by a cool book called The Pirates of Scurvy Sands By Jonny Duddle which follows a team of young pirates who set off on a great adventure.

So yes, you guessed we're making a pirate ship! It's quick, easy and fun. In few simple steps your little one will have a mini pirate ship ready to set sail on their next adventure. 


What you will need:

  • Paper Plate
  • Brown Paint (with brush)  or colouring in pens for the plate
  • Card or Paper (black, yellow and white)
  • Craft Stick/ Wooden Peg
  • Glue/ Tape

Lets make our ship:

  1. Start by painting or colouring in the outside of the paper plate in a brown colour or any colour you’d like your pirate ship to be.
  2. While the paper plate is drying, cut out 2 rectangle top parts out of yellow cardstock paper, 3 boat windows and one flag out of black card paper. You can cut out the pirate skull from the white paper or anything you’d prefer to go in its place.
  3. Bend the paper plate in half with the painted side on the outside.
  4. Glue the three windows on one yellow rectangle.
  5. Glue one yellow rectangle at the top of the paper plate and glue the stick at the back of the yellow part. Glue the other yellow rectangle on the other side.
  6. The skull will go on the flag and then the flag on the craft stick.

Now it's time to set sail in search of a Treasure Island!