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Southside's Virtual Kids Club: Pumpkin to Enjoy with Wincey and Lillie

Hello Kids Club families! Wincey and Lillie are here today and they are getting in the Halloween spirit by carving and decorating pumpkins!

Little ones will need some assistance with the carving of the pumpkins as Wincey and Lillie did have to use some sharp tools. And beware- this is a messy craft. Prepare to roll up those sleeves for emptying the pumpkin of its pulp and seeds! (But don't forget- the pumpkin flesh can be used to make a tasty soup- yum!)

Pumpkin to enjoy!

Get ahead of the carve and watch the video!

What You Will Need

  • A pumpkin
  • Some sharp tools for carving (and some adult supervision) 
  • A spoon or scraper for removing the pulp and seeds
  • A bucket for the pulp
  • A pen to draw on facial details
  • (Optional) PVA glue and glitter for decorating the face
What You Will Need

1. Firstly you will need to carefully (and with the help of an adult) cut a circle around the stork of your pumpkin using a carving knife.

2. Roll up your sleeves! Once you have done this you can start to remove all the inside pulp and seeds from the pumpkin. Use a small bucket to empty these bits into.

Removing the stork

3. Next up it's time to decide how your pumpkin will look! A nice big grin? Some spooky eyes? A button nose? Using a pen draw the features on to your pumpkin.

Time for the features

4. Next up it's time to cut out those facial features. Again, make sure an adult helps out here as you'll need to use a carving knife to dig into the pumpkin where the lines are drawn and carefully remove the pieces.

Cutting out the features

5. Now your pumpkin will be looking spook-tastic! And it's up to you whether you want to leave it like this, pop a lit tealight candle inside it and sit it on your doorstep, or if you're feeling fancy why not look at the next step and add a bit of sparkle?

Looking spooky!

6. (Optional!) Please make sure you put newspaper down on your table/ floor if you decide to do this step! Using some PVA glue, paste the face of the pumpkin around its eyes, nose and mouth and whilst the glue is still wet sprinkle some glitter onto the face. This can get messy and the pumpkin will need to be shaken off outside afterwards to rid it of excess glitter!

Add some sparkle

Ta da! Your pumpkin is ready to go on display and provide a terrifying spook to any passers by! Well done, you've certainly made pumpkin to be proud of!

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Happy Halloween from Wincey and Lillie from Southside Kids Club!

Wincey getting spooked!