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Southside’s Virtual Kids’ Club: Sea Creature fun!

Hands up who loves collecting shells when visiting the beach? We do! It's lovely walking along a beach and seeing what you can find. You can then come and make something crafty... like the little Sea Creatures in this video.

Join in on the craft making fun with Lilly and Wincey. Today they're having crafty fun with sea shells!

Fancy joining in on the fun?

We'd love to see your lovely creations. Please join in and share them with us on social media: @SouthsideSW18. Or send them to us on email at

For the shell crafts you will need:

One Large Shell | 1-2 Pipe cleaners | Coloured paint or paint pens | Googly eyes | Glue dots or sticky tape | Coloured card for your animal shape

How to make Shell Creature’s step by step:

1. Decide what creature you would like to make and cut out the different body parts using your coloured card.

2. Paint or colour in your shell in your favourite colours.

3. Cut the pipe cleaners into how many pieces you need for the legs, arms and claws.

4. Tuck the pipe cleaners under the shell and glue in place with the glue dots or tape.

5. Then add your googly eyes.

6. Then you have your sea shell creature!