World Heart Beat Surprise

Did you see the surprise from World Heat Beat Music Academy?

World Heat Beat joined us at Southside last Saturday, 21st January 2017, to bring the warmth of Brazil to the cold of London as they performed for our shoppers.

With a crew of 45 performers, featuring Brazilian superstars Almir Pessoa and Pepe Barcellos  who flew in from Rio especially, the young music stars of the Academy delighted shoppers with their music which had plenty of Brazilian flair!

The entertainment began in Muffin Break and Uniqlo with children from the age of 7 playing a range of instruments including drums, flutes and violins. The sound drew in the crowds who were both surprised and enthusiastic to hear the sounds of Brazil.

Sahana from World Heart Beat said, "World Heart Beat Music Academy is a joyous environment for learning and playing musical instruments situated at the epicentre of Wandsworth borough's cultural activities. We pride ourselves on being part of the local community and sharing the inspiration and bountiful joy of our young musicians at the Southside Shopping Centre was absolutely thrilling. It was a beautiful experience to treat Southside shoppers to an impromptu extravaganza from the energy and vibrancy of some 70 young heartbeat musicians springing up from all corners of the mall into what became an instant party of great music and fun that brightened everyone's  day."

World Heart Beat Music Academy envisions a global environment where music, as a universal form of communication, bridges cultural, political, social, economic and linguistic barriers. World Heart Beat is a registered charity that works to give all children the opportunity to learn an instrument, regardless of their background. Their aim is to celebrate every young person’s potential for lifelong achievement in the field of music and beyond.

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