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Free Kids' Club events in Wandsworth

We're all about having fun at Southside and that's why we've created a great programme of events all year round! 

Sammy Appearances


Sammy is our resident dinosaur that lives here at Southside. However, Sammy loves to come out and play so please do make sure you come say hi.

Kids' Club events for 2020 


29th February 2020

Down Under: animals found in Australia

28th March 2020

A bug’s life, including an appearance/show

25th April 2020

Dino Land

30th May 2020

Southside safari park

27th June 2020

Buzzing bees: learn about bees

25th July 2020

Farm animals

29th August 2020

Tree top animals

26th September 2020

Into the jungle we go

31st October 2020

World of reptiles: learn about reptiles

28th November 2020


26th December 2020

Kids’ Club end-of-year party