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Mall Retailing

Specialist in Mall Retail for the Land Securities Portfolio, managing all long term kiosks and pop up mall retail from 3 months+ contact:

John Bloomer
Mall Retail Manager, Commercial Partnerships
M: 07834 431 253
E:  John.Bloomer@landsecurities.com

Promotions and Brand Experience

Our promotional spaces allow you to engage with high volumes of consumers in the retail environment. To find out how you can bring your brand to life, contact:

Mark Lee
0738 717 8742

If you are interested in attending our fortnightly Weekend Street Food Market please email us on info@southsidewandsworth.com and we can pass on your details to the relevant organisation.

Pop Up Retail

Appear Here, the leading online marketplace for flexible retail space, offers pop-up stores starting  at one week in duration.

Find space at www.appearhere.co.uk or get in touch: hello@appearhere.co.uk / 02030962180

Digital Advertising Opportunities

For external digital advertising please contact JC Decaux:

0207 298 8000

For internal digital advertising please contact Clear Channel:

0808 273 2716 (freephone)

Lift Door Advertising

For lift space advertisements please contact Limited Space:

Chris Baroin
01202 708 884 or 07463 106354

High Level Light Boxes

For high level light box advertisement please speak to Bohn Associates:

Ian Bohn
07841 261307

Mall Bin Advertisement

For internal mall bin advertisement please speak to City Box:

0845 6800 871

Filming Opportunities

For filming and photography opportunities in the Centre and any of the vacant retail units please contact us on info@southsidewandsworth.com